• ✔ CONCEALED DESIGN: The USB wall charger camera looks just like a regular USB wall charger. The completely undetectable hidden camera will have everyone thinking it’s just a plain phone charger! perfect for used as a nanny cam.
  • ✔ COMPRESSED FORMAT: H.264. 64GB memory card can storage 7days video. if not H.264 compressed format, 64GB about storage 10 hours files. max support 128G Micro SD Card. Micro SD card no include.
  • ✔ SIMPLE TO USE: The built-in Hidden Camera can be used in just easy step. you only need install memory card, insert power supply ,wait for 5seconds, built-in red indicator constant light,it will power on,doesn’t require any settings or special set up, and is super reliable and accurate.
  • ✔ MOTION DETECTION AND LOOP RECORDING: Find evidence quickly with actual video on the micro SD card.The camera is always continuously recording so you can playback the captured footage and copy video from the camera.
  • ✔ 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE:We provide our customers with 12 months hassle free warranty. If you have any question, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Do you need a well-hidden camera to keep an eye on the nanny or to make your home safer? Then the hidden camera is exactly what you need!

Use the hidden camera for security in hotels, as a nanny cam, simply to monitor your empty house or apartment while you’re away at work or on vacation. 

Leave the camera in your hotel room when you go on work trips or adventurous outings to provide evidence you didn’t touch that pricey mini-bar!

Having your very own video evidence gives you peace of mind about what’s happening when you’re not looking to prove your innocence or discover the true culprit’s guilt! 

Product Question and Answer (FAQ):

How is this hidden camera powered? 
The camera is AC powered and simple to use. Simply plug it into a wall outlet, surge protector, extension cord, etc. and you’re ready to record!

What is the viewing angle for this camera? 
The camera features a 90 degree wide angle view.

How much video can this device hold? 
compressed format H.264,The 64GB of memory can hold up to about 7days of video before loop recording. memory card no include.

Is this Windows10/Mac compatible? 
Yes, it is! You can play the recordings on both PC and Mac computers. 

Does the video have a time/date stamp on it? 
Yes, it does. You can set up the time/date yourself easily with a few short steps. (See User Guide) 

What does the kit include? 
1 x USB Wall Charger Hidden Camera 
1 x Card Reader 
1 x User Guide 
1 x Pin

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